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Why It’s Time to get Your Brows Microbladed

It’s time to put that eyebrow pencil down and save yourself those extra minutes from your beauty routine. Let’s be real, filling in your brows is like an investment with NO return. You spend precious minutes in the morning shaping your brows and filling them in to only wash them off at the end of the day- or even worse, to have your brows smear off onto your blouse just before you walk out of the door!

You are a busy individual that deserves to wake up with flawless natural looking brows. We mean, you have to admit- your brows frame your face. And we know that when you’re running late, you don’t care about any other makeup product, as long as you fill in your brows. Those extra minutes in the morning? You should be spending those minutes getting your beauty sleep or enjoying your morning coffee- not stressing about your brows.

And that is why it is time to get your brows Microbladed. Because you need to INVEST IN YOU to BE the BEST YOU.

It really is that simple.

Microblading is for anyone that wants to wake up and have full brows. This does NOT mean you have to wake up with brows that look like you have makeup on. We know a lot of you don’t like that look and just want to wake up looking natural. We give you JUST THAT. Natural looking brows that don’t need to be filled in. Whether you love to do a full face of make up or prefer a minimal to no makeup look, Microbladed brows will enhance your overall beauty. If you want more dramatic, powder-filled brows, we can do that too. But our main goal is one thing, and one thing only- NATURAL. With the art of Microblading, we are able to create custom brows that will accentuate your natural features.

You may be wondering- what exactly is Microblading? In short, Microblading is a procedure performed with a very fine blade. This blade allows us to manually place each hair-like stroke into the first layer of your skin, while depositing pigment at the same time. The procedure can take anywhere from two - three hours and can last up to two years depending on your skin type, aftercare and lifestyle. Because the pigment is placed in the first layer of your skin, this makes it a semi-permanent procedure. So as your skin sheds, the pigment will slowly fade. No more tattooed brows that turn grey, purple or blue and never come off.

FYI, Microblading does not limit your brow styles! There is a common misconception in the PMU industry- “when you get your brows Microbladed you will not be able to fill them in” FALSE! Microblading takes you from having the NEED to fill in your brows to having it be a CHOICE. If you prefer natural brows on a day-to-day basis but prefer a dramatic brow for a night out, you are still able to fill in your brows to match your desired flawless look. Just imagine it as your own naturally full brows, and you can still put makeup over them whenever you please.

It is no secret that brows are THE key framing feature of our faces. Elevating your brow game will ultimately elevate your entire look. Don’t settle for routines and products that don’t optimize your lifestyle and beauty. The best investment isn’t always that designer purse or expensive jewelry- but it will ALWAYS BE YOU- your brows!

Your eyebrows are your best accessory. Save time, money, and keep your eyebrows ready to go.

Let the magic of Microblading upgrade your life. We are ready to see your BROW GAME STRONG!

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