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I got my eyebrows microbladed, and this is how it went

If you are curious about getting your brows Microbladed or just curious about the process, then this post is for you! I will be sharing my entire experience from start to finish- from the initial appointment, aftercare, and my follow-up appointment.

Disclaimer: Although I work at our salon, my experiences regarding the procedure are solely mine. Alright, now, let’s get started!

My brows prior to Microblading...

Although I have thick brows and thick brow hair, I was completely missing the "tails" of my brows- making me a perfect candidate for Microblading/shading. Remember, Microblading and shading is also for those who want to only fix the sparse areas of their brows! And let me tell you, sometimes the smallest changes on our brows make the biggest difference on our entire look.

Numbing time...

Although I completely trust our amazing brow artist Elle with not just my face but my entire life, I was still quite nervous as soon as I sat down on "the chair". Before the procedure, Elle began the appointment by applying topical numbing cream on my brows and covering them with saran wrap. The numbing time was thirty minutes. After numbing, Elle removed the saran wrap and wiped off the numbing cream.

Brow Shaping time!

After I finished numbing, Elle began shaping my eyebrows. Our artist indicated that lifted and semi-fluffy brows would be the best look for me since my face shape is somewhat oval. During this process, Elle didn’t just measure away and rely on numbers to shape out my eyebrows (as many Microblading artists do….); she instead meticulously used her artistic eye to shape a unique brow that would best accentuate my facial structure. Elle then created two different variations of brows and asked for my input while she gave her professional opinion. Truthfully, I don’t even recall looking in the mirror. I simply said, “let’s do the brow shape you believe is best for me.” ...spoiler I … am obsessed with my brows. This process lasted about ten minutes.

Microblading Time

Although I was confident that my skin type was “dry,” to my surprise, my skin type was actually

“oily/combo.” This meant that I would need Microblading and shading to achieve my desired look. Microblading alone works best for those with dry skin who want a natural brow. “Combo brows,” which essentially entail Microblading and shading (hence the name combo), still give a very natural finish, but due to my skin being oilier, shading would be needed to achieve the brows I dreamed of. My skin was also retaining the pigment strokes very lightly. Remember, the dryer your skin, the easier your skin will retain the ink- the oilier your skin the less it will retain the pigment. The procedure time took about two and a half to three hours.

How my healing and aftercare went…

People are usually wary of getting their brows Microbladed because of the aftercare but let me tell you, the aftercare was the easiest part of the process! Planning my week around my brows was key to my successful aftercare journey. I made sure to work out before my Microblading appointment since you should avoid sweating for ten days. So if you need to workout, try and keep them light, or go for a walk. I also made sure to have Aquaphor on hand to apply on my brows every day for ten days. Aftercare is usually about ten days and (all aftercare instructions are found in the email that you receive once your appointment has been confirmed). I was not allowed to wear makeup for ten days, but this was honestly so refreshing! I used this time to let my skin breathe and replenish (FYI: you can apply mascara and lipstick, just not any face products). In its entirety, my healing process was a breeze.

Follow-up appointment time!

Not everyone needs a follow-up appointment, but I needed a touchup since my skin did not retain the ink to its total capacity. My touchup appointment was about a month later. This appointment entailed almost the same process as the initial procedure- numbing, slight shaping, and Microblading. The touchup procedure was also much quicker and took about 2 hours.

Did Microblading hurt?

Personally, I do not have a high pain tolerance, but surprisingly, Microblading did not hurt! It felt more like a sensation. During the first few strokes of the procedure, I was a little tense which probably made me feel slight pain. Focusing on the blade and genuinely asking myself if the edge was hurting helped me realize that the small tool was not hurting me at all. The sensation just takes some getting used to. Elle also reapplies numbing cream throughout the procedure to ensure minimal pain.

Rating the Microblading procedure and my brows…

TEN OUT OF TEN. Microblading is perfect for anyone, especially for those Getting my brows Microbladed has allowed me to better sympathize and understand the needs of our clients. Not only did I walk out of our salon with flawless eyebrows, but with a newfound sense of understanding from a customer perspective; making me a better manager to service our beautiful clientele. like me, who are constantly on the go – working, working out, hiking, roller-skating, and dancing the night away. I loved getting my eyebrows microbladed by our iconic artist, being in the client’s chair, and achieving the brows of my dreams. My favorite part of this experience was that it allowed me to truly understand our client’s feelings when they are about to get their brows Microbladed. My experience elevated my look, customer service, and overall confidence.

With Microbladed brows, my life is so much better.

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