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The Microblading Healing Process. All your Questions Answered!

Because “Microblading” is a form of semi-permanent makeup that is performed with a manual handheld tool (a blade composed of very fine needles) that cuts into the skin, the healing process is very important. In fact, the most important thing that goes into a successful microblading/permanent makeup procedure is how well the client follows the aftercare instructions.

Now, don’t be alarmed or intimidated by the healing process! We promise it is not as complicated or tedious as it sounds. We will go into great detail about the healing process (also known as the aftercare), but here is a quick snapshot of Do’s and “Don’ts” and things to avoid.

  1. DO: Keep your eyebrows moist with Aquaphor for at least ten days.

  2. DO NOT: Wash or wet the procedure area for 48 hours.

  3. DO: Wash your brows after 48 hours to cleanse the skin.

  4. Do NOT: Touch the procedure area with your fingers.

  5. AVOID for ten days: Makeup (on procedure area), sleeping on your face, extreme sweating, swimming, tanning, hot sauna/hot yoga, and laser /chemical/Botox Treatments.

Common Microblading FAQ’S regarding the healing process:

Question: “Why do I need to apply Aquaphor? Can I use Vaseline instead?

Answer: Aquaphor will need to be applied for at least ten days after your appointment. This will allow the color to set in and avoid oxygen from hitting your brows and changing color while it is setting in. We suggest Aquaphor because it tends not to cause inflammation, but if you are allergic to Aquaphor, try coconut oil.

Question: “Why can’t I wear makeup during the healing process?

Answer: You can wear makeup (mascara, lip gloss, etc.), just nothing that is applied close to your eyebrows. For example, you should not apply makeup on your forehead because it will seep through to your brows because your skin is cut open. In turn, the makeup will eventually get in the procedure area and effect the healing process.

Question: “Why can’t I touch the procedure area?”

Answer: You should not touch the procedure area with your fingers because they may have bacteria on them and create an infection.

Question: “During the first 48 hours, can I wash my face or shower?”

Answer: Yes, you can wash your face and shower as long as you make sure the water does not hit your brows. If you are washing your face, we recommend only wetting below your eyes and using a makeup wipe for the rest of your face.

Question: “Will my brows change color as they heal?

Answer: Yes, they most likely will, which is completely normal. Be prepared for your brows to look a little red and really dark. They will fade in color 30-50% when healing.

Also, keep in mind that other factors such as skin type, lifestyle, and aftercare yield different healed results. Every single client will heal differently based on these factors. Many of our clients have told us that the healing process is a breeze and totally worth it. Check out one of our client’s healing process as she takes us through her entire Microblading journey!

And as we always say at Brow Ink LA: Choose yourself. You are all you ever need.

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