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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Her

Microblading is the gift that keeps on giving.

Are you sitting there wondering what to get your girlfriend, sister, cousin, aunt, mom, or grandma or that special someone for a special occasion? Well, we got you covered. From Christmas to birthdays to anniversaries, giving someone a gift that will make them feel effortlessly beautiful every day while saving them time and money is the ultimate gift for your loved one.

Microblading is THE (yes, emphasis on “the”) perfect gift for the modern-day working woman that is in tune with taking care of everything and everyone around her. She is always spreading the love and uplifting those around her, often putting her needs last. This year, honor the women in your life by giving them a gift that will take care of their inner and outer beauty, translating into an abundance of self-confidence.

Microblading is the gift that will keep on giving on any special occasion.

Help elevate her beauty routine by gifting her gorgeous eyebrows. Did you know that eyebrows are the key element that frames our face? So why not give the meaningful gift of natural Microbladed brows that will best compliment her features. If you are wondering what Microblading entails, let us explain:

  1. Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure performed with a fine blade that creates hair-like strokes in the brow emulating real-life brows.

  2. Microblading lasts anywhere from 8 months to two years, depending on lifestyle, skin type, and aftercare.

  3. Microblading will allow her to save time every morning when she is getting ready to tackle her day. Those precious ten minutes that she would have spent filling in her brows -she can now enjoy a cup of coffee or hit that snooze button!

  4. The most luxurious Microblading experience at Brow Ink LA. Your loved one will be guided to perfectly shaped eyebrows by our Master Artist, Elle. Our artist will assess the face structure of the client and create custom brows that best accentuate her features. At our salon, we simply don’t believe in a “one size fits all” type of brow. Each set of brows is created and shaped uniquely.

Gifting Microbladed brows gives the gift of time- the time she won’t spend every day filling in her eyebrows with a brow pencil.

Microblading is also the gift of self-confidence. That special someone in your life won’t have to worry about their eyebrows smearing off while they swim, hike, workout, or anything in between!

When you give the gift of eyebrows, you are also gifting them with a unique and uplifting experience in our very own iconic salon. Your loved one will automatically feel beautiful from the moment she walks in and even more beautiful after she steps out with her new perfect eyebrows that a world-renowned eyebrow artist created.

This year ditch the long lines at retail stores and ditch gifts that only serve her for a short period. This year, do something different. This year, give the gift of eyebrows - the ideal investment for an individual who is always on the go and can benefit every single day from having brows that are Microbladed.

We promise you are gifting so much more than eyebrows: you are giving confidence, beauty, a luxurious experience, and most importantly, the gift of time.

At Brow Ink LA, we have mastered the art of brows, ink retention based on different skin types, facial symmetry, and proper brow framing. We believe less is more. We are here to accentuate the beauty of natural features.

Let us take care of those you love by enhancing their natural beauty.

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