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5 things Beginner Microblading Artists should know

You have finally taken the BEST Microblading class, and you are now officially certified to begin creating perfect eyebrows, and eventually living your dream life; congratulations! That is a big deal; kudos to you for making it this far. But now what?! You are probably overwhelmed with all the different steps you need to take, or maybe you are overwhelmed because you don’t even know where to start, and both feelings are equally valid. We are here to spill the tea on the top 5 things you should know as a new artist entering this BOOMING and BLOOMING business of Microblading.

1. Work on your first client asap. This is very important because you should utilize and put your skills to practice when they are still fresh in your memory. No matter how much you practice on fake skin, you will never truly understand the depth of skin, pigment retention, and the job itself. We understand that working on your first client can be intimidating and make you feel nervous, but you have to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you got this. Feeling overwhelmed before working on your first client is totally normal. Trust yourself, your skillset, and your artistic eye.

2. REMEMBER: Your favorite Microblading artist that you love and admire also started somewhere. Microblading is an art. If you aspire to be as amazing as your holy grail brow instructor, keep on practicing. Do not get discouraged and remember that they also started with a brand new social media account, one follower, one client, one post.

3. Don’t forget to take before and after photos. This may seem like a insignificant task, but you are basically losing clients without taking pictures and showcasing your work. Taking before and after photos may feel repetitive and “boring,” but you must understand that today’s clients largely depend on visuals to make a purchasing decision. Think about your favorite brands. How often do you see them advertising their products? Most likely, they are constantly always advertising through social media posts and commercials. Their consistency in showcasing their newest products/ services is what primarily drives sales. The secret to success with anything is CONSISTENCY. So, take those money-making before and after pictures!

4. Stay consistent in posting on social media even if you don’t have brows to post. Ran out of before and after pictures? That is completely okay. Use this as your chance to branch out and add other types of content to your page. This is a perfect opportunity to connect with your followers on a deeper level. That quote that you love: Post! Aftercare tips that you share with your clients: POST! Celebrity brows that you love: POST! Posting this kind of content will complement your feed and show a glimpse of your personality. When things get personal & real, we are more inclined to hit that “follow button” and ultimately that “book an appointment button’, which is the goal. Don’t forget that marketing through social media also enhances your credibility as an artist. So, be purposeful when posting on your feed, stories, etc. A helpful tip is to create “office hours” for yourself and use this time to brainstorm the kinds of posts you want to put out. It is very important to find the balance between brow content, informative content, inspirational content, and personal content, etc. In another article, we will go more in-depth on this topic.

5. ENJOY THE journey and be willing to be uncomfortable! Your growth will not happen overnight. You will have to learn to embrace the ups and downs that are inevitable. Give yourself as much credit on a bad day as you would on a good day. While you are working towards your goals, you should also be taking care of yourself. As cliché as this may sound, it is the truth. What does taking care of yourself truly mean? It can mean something different for everyone, but at the core, taking care of ourselves is to nourish our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. You will only work at your best when you FEEL your best. That being said, go out there and KILL it. If you follow these five tips, we have no doubt you will slay the PMU industry with confidence.

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