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(Also known as Endospherés Therapy)

EndoSculpt, formally known as Endospheres Therapy, is a Non-Invasive Body and Face Sculpting + Lymphatic Drainage Treatment. This is not your typical Lymphatic Drainage Massage. This treatment is known for its ability to reduce cellulite, and sculpt + tone the body all at the same time.


Endospheres Therapy is not only clinically proven, it uses a patented advanced technology known as Compressive Microvibration. Unlike a regular Lymphatic Drainage Massage that is either done by hand or with a tool (Such as a wooden pedal), Endospheres uses the compressive microvibration of 55 spheres at an intense frequency along with the pressure of your technician. (This is why you will see quicker results with Endospheres). Aside from sculpting and toning the body it also provides many other holistic health benefits that other body sculpting technologies do not.


Who has time to schedule 5 different appointments in today's fast paced world?! Save time for yourself and TREAT yourself to a session of Endospheres Therapy where you get a massage, a lymphatic drainage, a body sculpting session + so much more all in ONE. 


Try ONE session of EndoSculpt and you will understand what we mean when we say you will get ALL of these benefits with just one Machine. And the good news? We have a FIRST SESSION PROMO for only $150 for the Body and $100 for the Face.


  • Intense Lymphatic Drainage 

  • Flushes out all Toxins & Water Retention 

  • Increases Blood Circulation

  • Reduces Bloating & Inflammation

  • Reduces Appearance of Cellulite 

  • Smooths & Tightens Skin 

  • Muscle Recovery

  • Tones and Sculpts 

  • Aids in Weight Loss




  • Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles

  • Lymphatic Drainage 

  • Helps with Dark Eye Circles & Puffiness

  • Prevents Breakouts & Helps with Acne 

  • Produces Collagen 

  • Relieves Tension in Jaw from Clenching or TMJ

  • Tightens the Skin  

  • Sculpts the Cheekbones & Jawline

  • Lifts the Face 

  • Helps Oxygen Flow to the Face

  • Botox Injections Last Longer




Endospheres Therapy is based on the transmission of low frequency vibrations by a special handpiece containing a cylinder made of hypoallergenic silicon spheres in a specific honeycomb arrangement. The mechanism is called compressive micro vibration which is a combination of compression and microvibration. 


The rotation of the spheres at a given frequency produces micro-vibration (small vibrations) in the tissues- while the weight of the handpiece plus the pressure applied by the technician govern compression. The honeycomb arrangement allows for a rapid alternation between pressure and lifting which generates the wave of localized vibration on the tissue. 







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